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Alpinestars GP Pro Tech-Air 1 Piece Leather Black White Red Suit Online India

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Alpinestars GP Pro Tech-Air 1 Piece Leather Black White Red Suit Online India
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    • A premium full grain leather suit fully optimized for Alpinestars’ innovative Tech-Air Race airbag system.
    • The GP Pro Leather Suit for Tech-Air Race features an anatomical engineered design to ensure excellent comfort and performance fit for track days or serious road riding.
    • Packed with class leading, track-tested protection inside and out, this ventilated leather suit is versatile and extremely comfortable.
    • Its unique design means it can be equally effectively worn with or without the Tech-Air airbag system.
    • New performance engineered fit design optimized for use with Tech-Air Race System and back protector.
    • Upper body incorporates accordion leather stretch and DUPONT™ Kevlar®-reinforced inserts to accommodate Tech-Air® Race system’s increased volume in the event of a system-triggering incident.
    • Advanced poly-textile accordion stretch inserts in key articulation areas on the back and extensive advanced poly-fabric stretch panels on crotch, underarms, calf and knees for excellent range of movement.
    • Integrated PE comfort padding on the chest, torso, coccyx and back further enhances fit and comfort while riding.
    • Perforations on chest, arm and leg offer airflow and help regulate body temperature.
    • Airprene collar and cuff for high levels of comfort and breathability.
    • Highly abrasion resistant construction using premium, 1.3mm full-grain leather for excellent comfort, fit and durability.
    • Alpinestars race-derived, external Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) protectors in the knees, elbows and shoulders feature injection-molded shells and dual density foam padding.
    • Removable, internal CE-certified protectors offer superior impact protection to shoulders, elbows and knees.
    • Snap connection system allows integration of CE level 2-certified Nucleon KR-R Back Protector for the ultimate protection.
    • Chest and hip pad compartments with PE padding (Alpinestars’ Nucleon chest and hip protection available as upgrade).
    • Replaceable Alpinestars PU knee sliders incorporate Velcro® for customized and secure fitment and are developed for the ultimate in feel and sensitivity on the track.
    • CE Certified hip protectors included.
    • Moto GP-profiled, perforated, back hump for improved aerodynamic and ventilation performance.
    • Alpinestars-developed accordion leather back panel and knee inserts for comfort in riding position.
    • Multi-panel lining incorporates 3D mesh and stretch inserts.
    • Zippered rear calf expansion gusset improves range of fit comfort and Premium YKK fasteners and semi-auto locking zips used throughout garment
    • Rear reflective detailing for improved rider visibility and internal water-resistant wallet pocket.
    • Internal conduits for quick and convenient connection of suit to airbag system.
    • Left sleeve features LED panel which clearly displays airbag system’s functioning status.
    • Available in men's EURO sizes: 46-60 / 46-64 (black / red only).
    • NOTE: Tech-Air® Race Vest is only compatible with racing suits EURO size 58 or smaller.
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