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Alpinestars Gore-Tex Pants - Bryce Black Online India

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Alpinestars Gore-Tex Pants - Bryce Black Online India
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The Bryce features a host of comfort features such as an innovative ventilation system for excellent levels of internal cooling performance. With class-leading removable knee protectors and Alpinestars 100 per cent waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane, the Bryce is built to offer high levels of coverage and withstand the elements.
  •  Multi-panel main shell GORE-TEX® construction with reinforcements on the thigh areas for an optimal combination of durability, protection and weight saving.Fully laminated GORE-TEX® chassis (three layer above the knee and two layers below the knee) which is bonded for weight-saving, plus exceptional waterproofing and breathability.GORE-TEX® stretch inserts positioned on knees offers mobility and riding fit on various touring bike models.Removable 100g thermal lining means pant can be worn in range of weather conditions.Innovative ventilation system features zippered air intakes on thighs which offer superior interior cooling and airflow to prevent build of potentially fatiguing heat.Air vents feature snap buttons to ensure vent stays open while riding.


  • Hook and loop grip closure leg closure system on calf and ankle ensures optimized garment fit and also help to keep protectors in place in the event of an impact slide.Deep, zippered front hand pockets for peace-of-mind storage of belongings.Waist connection zipper enables attachment to various Alpinestars textile riding jackets.Inner waist incorporates soft padded lining for high levels of comfort.Reflective detailing on front and bottom legs improves rider visibility.Removable bib braces offer secure and close fit and comfort.


  • Innovative Ballistic nylon reinforcements strategically positioned on legs for enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, with a non-scratch finish to preserve the bike’s paintwork.Class-leading impact protection provided by lightweight, removable CE certified knee protectors.Internal hip compartments are lined with ergonomically tapered PE comfort foam for riding comfort.Hip compartments can be upgraded to incorporate Alpinestars new CE certified Nucleon hip protectors.

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