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Alpinestars BNS Tech-2 Neck Protector - Black Cool Gray Online India

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Alpinestars BNS Tech-2 Neck Protector - Black Cool Gray Online India
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  • Model: alpinestars-bns-tech-2-neck-protector-black-cool-gray

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  • The Bns Tech-2 Is Constructed From An Advanced, High-performance Fiber Polymer Compound To Offer: New: Complete Design Facelift & Technical Upgrading Including New Lightweight Rear And Chest Padding And Updated Chinplate Design.
  • New Graphics Corresponding To New Mx Protection Collection.
  • Structural Integrity And Frame Strength Against Heavy Impact Energies During A Crash.
  • Ultra-lightweight Performance And Comfort While Riding.
  • Less Weight Than Its Predecessors.
  • Resilience To Low Temperatures, Below 0°c.
  • The Bns Tech-2 Is Designed To Provide A Customizable, Secure And Personalized Fit With The Sas (Size Adapter System) For A Versatile Fitment In Size Ranges Xs-m And L-xl.


  • The Lycra®-laminated Foam Padding Kits Are Adaptable And The Interchangeable Eva Foam Pads Allow Compatibility With Body Protection Systems.
  • The Lightweight Strap System Can Be Worn Over Or Under The Jersey.
  • The Bns Tech-2 Incorporates A Bio-organic Engineering Design For Superb Ergonomics.
  • Rear Stabilizer Promotes Pfr (Progressive Force Relief) And Dissipates Energy Loads By Transmitting Them Across The Back And Shoulders And Away From Spine (Thoracic Vertebrae), And Is Connected To The Frames Via Pivot Key.
  • Frame Construction Promotes Improved Contact With Helmet During Impact – Including Rear Support Edge That Fits Closer To The Body.
  • Extra Width To Account For Different Helmet Sizes And Raised Chest To Reduce Hyper- Flexion.
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