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Alpinestars Bionic Tech V2 Protection Jacket - Black Red Online India

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Alpinestars Bionic Tech V2 Protection Jacket - Black Red Online India
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  • Model: alpinestars-bionic-tech-v2-protection-jacket-black-red

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  • Slim Fit Stretchable Fabric For A Comfortable Fit.
  • Features A Floating, Highly Ventilated And Flexible Rigid Chest Protector
  • With Flexible Side Wings That Adapt To The Rider’s Body.
  • Central Front Zipper For A Better Fit And Ease Of Donning.
  • Additional Front Padding On The Arms, Sides And Chest For Enhanced Roost Protection.
  • High Abrasion Resistant Fabric On The Arms Over The Protectors For Additional Protection.
  • Height Adjustable Kidney Belt For Optimal Levels Of Fit.
  • Bns Compatible With A Removable Back Puck Panel And Elastic Bns Cords On The Shoulders Straps.
  • New Cell Technology Back Protector Is Highly Ventilated And Flexible For Enhanced Rider Comfort.
  • Bionic Hydration Pack Compatible.
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