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Alpinestars Bionic-10 Carbon Knee Right Brace Protector - Black Red Online India

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Alpinestars Bionic-10 Carbon Knee Right Brace Protector - Black Red Online India
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  • The Innovative Design And Optimized Material Utilization Of The Exoskeleton Frame Constructions Make The Knee Braces Extremely Lightweight While Still Providing Higher Structural Strength And Support.
  • Extremely Temperature Resilient: Knee Brace Performs At Temperatures As Low As -20°c (-4°f).
  • Correct Position Of Knee Cup Is Secured Accurately In Place By An Innovative Integrative Mechanical Guiding System Allowing Multi-directional Freedom Of Movement.
  • Highly Ventilated: Channeled Padding And Mesh Zones For Optimized Ventilation And Airflow.
  • Soft Comfortable Lateral Knee Padding To Avoid Pressure Points.
  • Additional Space Padding And Additional Condyle Pads Enable A High Adjustability For Best Personal Fitment.
  • Lightweight Single Straps On Upper Frames And Buckle System Promotes Secure Fitment Of The Brace In All Riding Positions And Supports Rapid And Effortless Mounting.
  • The Newly Developed C-frame Strap System Holds Braces Perfectly In Position And Avoids Slipping Down When Rider Is In Action And Extreme Movement. Two Straps Are Linked With A Semi-rigid C-shaped Connector That Dynamically Shapes Towards The Dimension Change Of Calf Muscle And Added Optional Padding Provides Maximum Comfort.


  • Knee Pivot System: New Double-pivoting Hinge System Incorporating Tool-free, Fast, Easily Exchangeable Extension Stops (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 And 30 Degrees) To Prevent Hyper-extension Injuries.
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