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Alpinestars A-10 Chest Protector - White Black Red Online India

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Alpinestars A-10 Chest Protector - White Black Red Online India
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  • Model: alpinestars-a-10-chest-protector-white-black-red

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  • Protector Plates Feature Embedded Grid Technology Under The Shells Which Absorbs And Dissipates Impacts Forces. Grid Technology Cell System Enables Greater Flexibility And Air Ventilation While Allowing For Significantly Reduced Weight. Protector Plates Are Ce Certified:
  • Hard Shells Are Constructed From A High Performance Polymeric Material Blend For Optimized Flexibility And Excellent Weight Saving Properties.
  • Shells Feature Perforation Zones And Air Channelling For Excellent Breathability And Ventilation.
  • Modular Design To Allow For Addition Of Bns Neck Support:
  • Removable Upper Back Padded Panel For Bns Compatibility.
  • Removable Upper Front Panel For Bns Compatibility.
  • Soft Touch Bns Puller For Convenient And Safe Engagement Of The Bns.
  • Soft Bio Foam Padded Chassis For Maximum Comfort And Personalised, Close-to-the-body Fit.
  • Side Adjustable Kidney Belt Allows For Various Fit Sizes And Ensures Protection Remains Close The Body At All Times.
  • Features Alpinestars Quick Release Attachment System For Convenient In And Out.


  • Back Protector Is Ce Certified According With The En 1621_2: 2014 Level 2.
  • Chest Protector Is Ce Certified According With The Pr En 1621_3: Level 2 Full Chest Type A.
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