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Akrapovic Slip-On Line (Titanium) Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin MPN - S-H10SO16-WT

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Akrapovic Slip-On Line (Titanium) Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin MPN - S-H10SO16-WT

Fitment Information :
  • Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 2016-2017

Ex Tax: ₹47,900
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  • Model: akrapovic-slip-on-line-honda-crf1000l-africa-twin-s-h10so16-wt
  • MPN: S-H10SO16-WT
  • This Slip-On Line exhaust is manufactured to withstand the harshest of conditions and has been developed from Akrapovič’s winning involvement in cross-country rallies. 
  • Offered alongside the EC/ECE type-approved system for the Africa Twin, this superbly designed and finished exhaust has an even deeper sound that creates a stunning sound as the throttle opens and the revs rise. 
  • Manufactured with a unique combination of a hexagonal shape and a more classic rear endcap, this double-flow muffler is finished in durable titanium and supplied with a robust carbon-fibre clamp to cope with the extreme conditions it is designed to face. 
  • Delivering performance increases throughout the entire rev range this exhaust makes the most of the Honda’s thumping twin-cylinder engine. 
  • An even greater power increase can also be achieved with the addition of the optional stainless-steel headers to take the performance to higher levels.

Performance :

  • Power +2.5kW at 4400 rpm
  • Weight -2.0kg
  • Torque +5.4Nm at 4500 rpm

Fitment Information :

  • Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 2016-2017
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