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Akrapovic Slip-On Line (Titanium) Honda CB1000R MPN - S-H10SO20-HAPLT

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Akrapovic Slip-On Line (Titanium) Honda CB1000R MPN - S-H10SO20-HAPLT

Fitment Information :
  • Honda CB1000R 2018

Ex Tax: ₹56,100
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  • Model: akrapovic-slip-on-line-honda-cbr650f-s-h10so20-haplt
  • MPN: S-H10SO20-HAPLT
  • This beautifully crafted muffler is constructed from race-proven materials using lightweight titanium and finished with a hand-made carbon-fibre end cap and heatshield.
  • This entry-level introduction to exhaust tuning already provides that unique Akrapovič sound. 
  • It reduces weight by over 54% from the stock system, leading to improved handling and manoeuvrability. 
  • It has a simple plug-and-play installation, and is fully EC- and ECE-compliant.

Fitment Information :

  • Honda CB1000R 2018
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