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Akrapovic Slip-On Line (Titanium) BMW S 1000 RR MPN - S-B10SO6-HDVDZT

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Akrapovic Slip-On Line (Titanium) BMW S 1000 RR MPN - S-B10SO6-HDVDZT

Fitment Information :
  • BMW S 1000 RR 2017-2018

Ex Tax: ₹79,200
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: akrapovic-slip-on-line-bmw-s-1000-rr-s-b10so6-hdvdzt
  • The first step in exhaust tuning, this ultra-lightweight exhaust is made from high-grade titanium and finished with a beautifully hand-crafted carbon-fibre endcap.
  • Using the latest muffler design technology, the good looks of the bike are further enhanced with this exhaust. 
  • Power and torque levels are improved and throttle response is increased for a more enjoyable and responsive ride. 
  • Sound is enhanced to deliver a deeper, sportier tone. It is EC/ECE type approved and meets all of the latest Euro 4 regulations. 
  • Simple plug-and-play makes installation easy and it needs no remapping.

Performance :

  • Power +0.4kW at 13500 rpm
  • Weight -1.4kg
  • Torque +0.5Nm at 7700 rpm

Fitment Information :

  • BMW S 1000 RR 2017-2018
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