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Akrapovic Racing Line (Titanium) Kawasaki KX 450F MPN - S-K4MR7-BNTA

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Akrapovic Racing Line (Titanium) Kawasaki KX 450F MPN - S-K4MR7-BNTA

Fitment Information :
  • Kawasaki KX 450F 2016-2018

Ex Tax: ₹64,000
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  • Model: akrapovic-racing-line-kawasaki-kx-450f-s-k4mr7-bnta
  • A complete high-quality exhaust system made from stainless steel tubes and a titanium muffler outer sleeve with precision handcrafting and attention to detail. 
  • Its unique design yields the maximum output for each specific motorcycle model while significantly reducing overall weight for top performance. 
  • It’s identical to our top-range Evolution Line exhaust system. 
  • The only difference is in the material used.
  • Our exhaust systems meet FIM noise limits, feature a more durable welded bracket and titanium end cap.

Performance : 

  • Power +1.0kW at 7800 rpm
  • Torque +1.3Nm at 6400 rpm

Fitment Information :

  • Kawasaki KX 450F 2016-2018
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