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Akrapovic Catalytic Converter Set Kawasaki ZX-14R MPN - P-KAT-054

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Akrapovic Catalytic Converter Set Kawasaki ZX-14R MPN - P-KAT-054

Fitment Information :
  • Kawasaki ZX-14R 2016-2019

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  • Model: akrapovic-catalytic-converter-set-kawasaki-zx-14r-mpn-p-kat-054
  • MPN: P-KAT-054
  • Akrapovič Uses Performance-oriented Catalytic Converters That Give You All The Sound And Performance Upgrades You’re Used To With Akrapovič Exhaust Systems.
  • The Catalytic Converter Is A Honeycomb Metal Structure That Incorporates Precious Metals (Palladium, Rhodium, And Platinum) Into Its Surface. These Metals Convert The Poisonous Carbon Monoxide And Unburned Hydrocarbons Found In Exhaust Gases Into Non-toxic Carbon Dioxide And Water Vapor.
  • Catalytic Converter Set P-kat-054 Contains 2 Pieces Of P-kat-052.
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Fitment Information :

  • Kawasaki ZX-14R 2016-2019
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