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Airoh REV19 Ikon Orange Matt Modular Helmet

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Airoh REV19 Ikon Orange Matt Modular Helmet
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Airoh REV19 Ikon Orange Matt Modular Helmet

The innovation in Airoh® modular helmet technology, has allowed to take touring to a new level of comfort and versatility. REV is a flip front thermoplastic helmet that can be worn either full or open face through the patented rotation of the protective chin guard. Equipped with a particular rotation of the chin guard and visor system that has been carefully designed and patented, REV is characterized by a special ventilation system called ACVS (Airoh® Combined Ventilation System) which guarantees maximum comfort even on long journeys and in the most extreme conditions. REV is notable also for its compact and aerodynamic profile, its high wide field of view, and for the sun visor supplied together with the anti-fog treatment visor.

Helmet Features:

  • Anti-UV
  • Sun Visor
  • extra wide visor
  • scratch-resistant
  • simple and safe visor mechanism enables quick removal and installation without tools
  • inner lining breathable, hypoallergenic and removable
  • Wind stop: restricts the penetration of cold from the underside and reduces internal noise

Product Specifications:

  • Material: thermoplastic HRT
  • Weight: from 1700 g (+/- 50 g)
  • Ventilation: top, chin guard
  • Closure system: Micro Ratchet Closure
  • Safety standard: ECE 2205
  • Visor: Racing Visor

Sales Package:

  • 1x Airoh helmet
  • 1x helmet bag
  • 1x Pinlock Lens
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