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Airoh PHANTOM S Beat Yellow Matt Modular Helmet

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Airoh PHANTOM S Beat Yellow Matt Modular Helmet
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Airoh PHANTOM S Beat Yellow Matt Modular Helmet

Stab your finger on a map, choose your destination and jump in the saddle. With Phantom S you can go wherever you desire. Phantom S is a 2-in-1 helmet designed specifically for touring, thanks to its versatility, comfort and safety, guaranteed by: double P/J certification for use in full-face and jet versions; High Resistant Thermoplastic (HRT) material; ACVS ventilation system (Airoh® Combined Ventilation System) for optimal coolness. The Phantom S combines all the key features of full-face and jet helmets, such as: the Extra Wide visor, the retractable sun visor, the special position of the visor that prevents fogging, the Pinlock® lens and the housing for a Bluetooth system. Whether in full-face or jet mode you will be fully enjoy the open road. What’s important is not destination but the journey and with Phantom S you will be able to enjoy every moment.

Helmet Features:

  • Bluetooth Readiness
  • double P/J authorisation
  • Uv Resistant
  • sun visor
  • extra wide visor
  • scratch-resistant
  • simple and safe visor mechanism enables quick removal and installation without tools
  • Inner lining breathable, hypoallergenic and removable
  • Ventilation system ACVS (Airoh® Combined Ventilation System)
  • Wind stop: restricts the penetration of cold from the underside and reduces internal noise
  • Nose cover (for lower wind resistance and improved breathing air supply)

Product Specifications:

  • Material: thermoplastic HRT
  • Weight: from 1690 g (+/- 50 g)
  • Ventilation: top, rear, chin guard
  • Closure system: Micro ratchet closure
  • Safety standard: ECE 2205
  • Visor: Racing Visor

Sales Package:

  • 1x Airoh helmet
  • 1x helmet bag
  • 1x Pinlock Lens
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