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Airoh Rev 19 Color White Gloss Modular Helmet

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Airoh Rev 19 Color White Gloss Modular Helmet
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  • Model: airoh-rev-19-color-white-gloss-modular-helmet

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  • You’re Always Ready With The Rev 19, Airoh Helmet’s ® Flip-up Helmet, That Combines Full-face And Jet Versatility In A Dynamic And Contemporary Model, Designed To Meet All Riding Conditions And Every Safety And Comfort Requirement.
  • This 2-in-1 Thermoplastic Model Marries The Best Aspects Of Both Helmets, Such As The Extra Wide Visor For Improved Active Safety, The Retractable Sun Visor,  Pinlock ®, Stop Wind And The Possibility Of Connecting Bluetooth Systems.
  • The Versatility Of The Rev 19 Is Guaranteed By The Patented 180° Chin-guard Rotation System And The Double P/j Certification To Easily And Simply Switch From Jet To Full-face. A Veritable Rev-olution For Modular Helmets.
  • Optimised Ventilation System
  • Jet And Full-face Configuration With Double P/j Certification
  • 180° Chin-guard Rotation System For Flip-up Mode
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