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Airoh Hunter Simple Black Matt Open Face Helmet

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Airoh Hunter Simple Black Matt Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: airoh-hunter-simple-black-matt-open-face-helmet

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Hunter is Airoh’s new helmet made in High-Performance Composite (HPC) fibre, among the lightest available on the market. In addition to having an aerodynamic shell, it is available with 3 different outer shell sizes. The ultra light weight and safety achieved with this leading-edge composite material and a sophisticated design make it a perfect choice for touring and urban use alike, for all riders seeking comfort and fun without giving up protection.Hunter also has a retractable sun visor and a wide main visor to which an optional Pinlock® lens can be attached, to achieve optimum visibility and comfort in all conditions of use.


  • HPC
  • (High performance composite)


  • From 1250 g
  • (+- 50 g)


  • 3 shells:
  • 1° XS-S-MS (thight fit)
  • 2° MC (comfort) -L
  • 3° XL-XXL-XXXL


  • Top Vent
  • Rear vent


  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Micrometric system
  • Anti-theft ring
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