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Airoh GP550 S SkyLine Orange Matt Full Face Helmet

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Airoh GP550 S SkyLine Orange Matt Full Face Helmet
Ex Tax: ₹30,900
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  • Model: airoh-gp550-s-skyline-orange-matt-full-face-helmet
  • MPN: airoh-gp550-s-skyline-orange-matt-full-face-helmet

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  • Airoh GP550 S Helmets
  • The New Gp550 S Redefines The Level Of Performance On The Road And On Tracks.Gp550 S Stands At The Top Of The Racing Segment, Without Losing Sight Of The Comfort And Practicality Features For An Intensive Use. Shells In 3 Different Sizes, Made Of Hpc (High Performance Composite), Type-approved 2d Racing Visor With Quick Release, 8 Air Vents To Ensure Optimal Ventilation, Pinlock Lens Included, Tear-off Ready, Wind-stop And A.e.f.r. (Airoh Emergency Fast Release) System For The Quick Removal Of The Cheek Pads In Case Of Emergency, Complement This State-of-the-art Product. Designed In The Wind Tunnel, Tested By Our Riders And Refined By Airoh’s Know-how, Innovative Rear Spoilers Create A Displacing Effect At High Speeds And The Internally Channelled Structure Provides An Effective Air Extraction.
Halmet Features:
  • Anti- UV
  • scratchproof visor
  • integrated sight lock
  • inner lining breathable, hypoallergenic and removable
  • Wind stop: restricts the penetration of cold from the underside and reduces internal noise
  • Safety, performance and wearing comfort
  • Emergency system; for quick removal of cheek pads
  • 10 different ventilation slots
  • Nose cover (for lower wind resistance and improved breathing air supply)

Product Specifications:

  • Tear-Off Preparation
  • Material: High performance composite
  • Weight: from 1290 g (+/- 50 g)
  • Outer shell: 3 sizes (XS, S-M, L-XL)
  • Ventilation: front, top, rear, chin guard
  • Sight: Racing Visor 2D
  • Locking system: Double-D
  • Safety Standard: ECE 2205

sales package:

  • 1x Airoh GP 550S helmet
  • 1x helmet bag
  • 1x Pinlock Lens
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