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Airoh Garage Raw Matt Open Face Helmet

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Airoh Garage Raw Matt Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: airoh-garage-raw-matt-open-face-helmet

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Garage is Airoh’s ultra-compact Jet model. Airoh® has released one of the smallest and lightest helmets on the market in this category. An attractive element is its elegant and somewhat vintage look available in two versions, i.e. full-carbon and HPC (High Performance Composite) fibre.The retro trend has finally made its comeback with this evergreen classical model. In addition to its vintage look embellished by leather inserts, Garage offers amazing quality, comfort and a fully removable, washable and breathable lining. This helmet comes with 3 different shells and retro goggles (included in the package) making it totally unique and original on the market. No question about it, this product will leave its mark.


  • Full Carbon
  • (Only Carbon Version)
  • Hpc
  • (High Performance Composite)
  • (Other Version)


  • Full Carbon
  • From 710 G
  • (+- 50 G)
  • Hpc
  • From 800 G
  • (+- 50 G)


  • 3 shells:
  • 1° XS-S
  • 2° M-L
  • 3° XL-XXL


  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Micrometric system
  • Anti-theft ring
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