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Airoh Executive Line Yellow Matt Moduler Helmet

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Airoh Executive Line Yellow Matt Moduler Helmet
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  • Model: Airoh-executive-line-yellow-matt-moduler-helmet

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  • Executive Is A Modular High Resistant Thermoplastic (Hrt) Helmet With Unique Features.
  • Its Excellent Performance And Quality Earned It A Top Raking Among The Modular Helmets Tested By The German Magazine Touren-fahrer.
  • Created As The Best Combination Of On-road And Jet Designs, Executive Is An Ideal Product For Both Categories Of Drivers And Suits All Bend Types. Its Major Feature – Covered By A Special C.h.s. (Chin-guard Holder System) Patent – Resides In The Chin Guard, Which Can Be Removed By Pressing On The Two Side Buttons And Then Fitted At The Back Of The Shell (Sitting Flush With Its Structure). Other Strengths Include Its Double P/j Certification, A Retractable Sun Visor, A Revolutionary Internal Windstopper Housing And An Integrated Pinlock® Lens.
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