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AGV X3000 Ago 1 Limited Edition Helmet

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AGV X3000 Ago 1 Limited Edition Helmet
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  • Model: agv-x3000-ago-1-limited-edition-helmet

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  • The iconic model that gave birth to the AGV logo.
  • The tricolour Agostini helmet, seen from behind, just as his rivals saw it.
  • The X3000 Ago has the same colourway, same leather bag used for transport but with all the modern technology and safety.
  • Only 3000 have been made to celebrate this limited piece.
  • Shell in fibreglass engineered in 3 sizes, EPS structure developed in 3 sizes.
  • Visor on0off air vent with channels hollowed in the shell.
  • Premium interiors with genuine leather, suede fabric and embroidered logo.
  • Fully removable and washable interiors  (neck roll excluded)
  • Anti-scratch visor with micro-opening system.
  • Double D retention system
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