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AGV Sportmodular Multi Layer Carbon Red Blue helmet

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AGV Sportmodular Multi Layer Carbon Red Blue helmet
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  • Model: agv-sportmodular-multi-layer-carbon-red-blue-helmet

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Agv Sportmodular Tricolor Mat Carbon/italy Helmet. The Sportmodular Is The New Flip-top Helmet Of The Agv Range That Offers The Performance Of An Integral Helmet With The Comfort Of A Modular. Their 100% Carbon Fibre Outer Shell Offers The Same Performance As Gp A. Both Inside The Envelope And Without Pressure, A Reversible Top Collar With A Warmer Hand And The Other Cooler, To Be Able To Adapt At All Times To The Needs Of The Pilot. It Also Has An Integrated Sun Visor As Well As An Effective Ivs Integrated Ventilation System..

  • Patented Xqrs (Extra Quick Release System) Visor Mechanism In Metal For Very Fast Tool-free Removal
  • Metal Release Mechanism On The Chin Guard For Improved Reliability
  • Compact Open Face Configuration
  • The Shape Of The Helmet Was Designed To Blend With The Hump On The Rider’s Racing Suit And Maximize Aerodynamics
  • Pinlock Included In The Box
  • Shell In Hir-th (High Resistant Thermoplastic) Resin
  • Central Air Vent For Optimal Air Flow
  • Micro-metric Adjustment Buckle
  • Easy Flip-up Mechanism
  • Pvm (Personalized Visor Mechanism)
  • Sun Visor
  • Multi Density Eps
  • 1 Shell Size
  • 2 Eps
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