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AGV K-6 Minimal Pure Matt Black White Red Full Face Helmet

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AGV K-6 Minimal Pure Matt Black White Red Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: agv-k-6-minimal-pure-matt-black-white-red-full-face-helmet

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  • Versatility defines the K6. 
  • Suitable for every type of riding and all riding surfaces, it incorporates the best characteristics from the sport and touring worlds and is ideal for taking on any two-wheeled challenge, from leaning into the turns on winding roads to long-range trips, by way of everyday city rides.
  •  Its carbon and aramid fiber shell ensures the very best protective performance in its category and makes it the lightest full-face road helmet in the world. 
  • The aerodynamic shapes developed in the wind tunnel are optimized for ideal air penetration in any riding position, making this solution perfect for riders who want the freedom to select their own riding styles, without compromise. 
  • The premium interiors are waterproof and ventilated. 
  • They are designed so riders can cover infinite miles in total comfort with only the road ahead to focus on. 
  • The innovative air vents on the forehead and chinguard are designed for easy adjustment even when wearing gloves, which means the rider always has the right amount of ventilation.
  • All the technology developed for MotoGP™ riders, in a helmet for all uses on the road.
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