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AGV K-5 S Hurricane 2.0 Black Silver Full Face Helmet

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AGV K-5 S Hurricane 2.0 Black Silver Full Face Helmet
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In Unyielding Pursuit Of Sport Touring Perfection, Agv Reexamined The Already-stellar Ergonomics Of The Acclaimed K5 Helmet, Gutted It And Completely Overhauled It From The Inside Out. Guess “good Enough” Doesn’t Translate Well Into Italian. The Agv K5 S Helmet Features An Innovative Comfort Liner Using A Unique Combination Of Microsense-treated Ritmo And Shalimar High-performance Fabrics With Moisture Wicking And Antimicrobial Properties. The Meticulous Composition Takes Care To Avoid Seams In Sensitive Areas, So There Is No Stitching To Cause Discomfort. The Vents Of The Integrated Ventilation System Are Recessed And The Integrated Spoiler Is Molded Into The Carbon-fiber And Fiberglass Blended Shell For A Seamless Design Optimized For High Speed Aerodynamic Stability. The Result Is The Agv K5s Helmet, A Helmet That Will Push You To Ride Further Than You Thought Possible

  • External Shell Is Constructed Of Caf (Carbon-fiberglass) And Is Manufactured In 2 Sizes
  • Eps Inner Lining Available In 4 Sizes With 4 Different Densities
  • Shell And Eps Dimensions Are Optimized Using The Fem (Finite Elements Analysis)
  • Ventilation System: Ivs Consisting Of One Chin Guard Vent, 2 Front Air Vents And An Air Extractor With Rear On/off Switch
  • Central Front Air Vent Built Into The Shell Profile With Direct High Air Flow Channel
  • Rear Spoiler Integrated Into The Shell Profile
  • Removable And Washable Liner And Cheek Pads
  • Neck Roll Is Made Of Shalimar Fabric With A Water-resistant Treatment , Preventing Water From Channeling Inside The Helmet
  • Cheek Pads Made From Ritmo Fabric With Sanitized Anti-bacterial Treatment, 2dry Moisture Wicking, And Microsense Treatments
  • Crown Pad Made Of Shalimar Fabric With Sanitized Anti-bacterial Treatment, 2dry Moisture Wicking, And Microsense Treatments
  • Includes Removable Nose Guard And Wind Protector
  • Face Shield Is Scratch-resistant And Anti-fog Polycarbonate With 100% Uv Protection And Is Offered In 2 Sizes Dependent On Helmet Size
  • Gt 2-1 (For Helmet Sizes Xs, Sm And Ms And Gt 2 For Sizes Ml, Lg, Xl And 2xl
  • Face Shield Is Pinlock-prepared
  • Pinlock Insert Lens Included
  • Visor Micro-opening System
  • Xqrs (Extra Quick Release System) Visor Mechanism For Quick Removal Of The Visor
  • Tool-less Removable And Replaceable Integrated Scratch-resistant Sun Visor (Isv)
  • Double D Retention System
  • Dot Certified
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