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AGV Corsa R Replica Mir 2019 Full Face Helmet

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AGV Corsa R Replica Mir 2019 Full Face Helmet
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  • Exceptional Italian Hardware For The Serious Sport Rider And Track Day Enthusiast, The Agv Corsa R Helmet Is A Professional-level Piece Of Equipment. 
  • Engineered To The Same Exacting Standard As Agv’s Flagship Pista Gp R Carbon, The Corsa R Benefits From The Moto-gp-level Pista’s Research And Development Process, Inheriting Many Of The Same Features. 
  • The Corsa Uses The Same Shell And Ventilation Design As Pista Gp Carbon But Without The Additional Expense Of Full Carbon Construction, Opting Instead For An Equally Strong Proprietary Blend Of Carbon And Aramid Fibers With Traditional Fiberglass. 
  • Race-bred Features Including A Condition-dependent Reversible Crown Comfort Liner For Peak Performance In Either Heat Or Cold, An Aerodynamic Spoiler And Hump-compatible Shell Design Testify To The Level Of Engineering Expertise Poured Into The Agv Corsa R Helmet. 
  • Features: Caaf Shell (Carbon/aramidic/fiberglass) 4 Shell Sizes / 4 Eps Sizes Multi Density Eps Ivs (Integrated Ventilation System) With Channels Hollowed Directly In The Shell Optical Class 1 Face Shield, Up To 5mm Thick Face Shield Is Fitted With A Swivel Mechanism Which Provides A Perfect Seal With The Shell Dual Purpose Face Shield Locking System Reduces The Risk Of Accidental Opening Internal Shape Of Helmet Specifically Designed To Decrease The Risk Of Collar Bone Impact Shape Of Helmet Designed To Blend Aerodynamically With Hump On Face Suit Xqrs (Extra Quick Release System) Metal Face Shield Mechanism For Fast, Tool-free Removal Central Air Vent For Optimal Air Flow Adjustable Vents Includes Max Vision Pinlock Insert Lens Reversible Helmet Liner Allows Selection Of A Warmer Or Cooler Side Safety Release System To Remove Cheek Pads In Case Of Accident Double D-ring Retention System Includes Tear-offs
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