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AGV AX9 Trail Gunmetal Orange Full Face Helmet

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AGV AX9 Trail Gunmetal Orange Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: agv-ax9-trail-gunmetal-orange-full-face-helmet

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Its Superior Modularity Allows 4 Different Confi Gurations, Simply Removing The Redesigned Peak And The Ultra-panoramic Visor. The Lightweight Construction Of The Carbon+aramid+glass Fiber Shell Provides Agv Highest Safety Standards.While Premium Interiors Are Water Resistant And Extremely Comfortable. Aerodynamics And Ventilation Reach A New Standard Thanks To New Extractors.New Adjustable Chin Guard Port That Can Direct Internal Air Flows Where The Rider Need. 


  • Dry-comfort Fabric
  • Ready For Generic Communication System
  • Removable And Washable Interiors
  • Removable Nose Guard
  • Removable Wind Protector
  • Double D
  • 2 Shell Sizes
  • 4-density Eps Developed In 4 Sizes
  • Collarbone Safe Profile
  • High Resistance Thermopastic
  • 7 Sizes (Xs-xxl)
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